Dream Snow

Eric Carle knows how to make childrens books that kids will enjoy. Though he once said he would never do a Christmas book, when the idea continued to tug at him, he could no longer ignore it. Thus he created Dream Snow.

A farmer has a quiet life. He lives with his animals, who are named One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. Then on Christmas Eve he falls asleep and he dreams of snow, snow everywhere. And when he awakens, sure enough there is a lot of snow on the ground. So he puts on his warm coat and goes out to deliver presents he got for all his animals, setting them under a tree he decorated. Then everyone rejoices on a snowy Christmas day.

Dream Snow is a cute and lovely book. Eric Carle’s traditional vibrant colors and tissue-paper cut illustrations manage capture plenty of detail, from the flowers on the farmer’s reclining chair to the grain in the wood. Kids will delight in all the animals and the way the farmer looks rather like Santa Claus with his white beard, red coat, and black boots. Carle’s books are hard not to enjoy, with their simple stories and happy endings.

Dream Snow isn’t just a picture book either. It comes with sound in the form of music. At the end of the story, kids can push a little button on the final page to reveal a happy little tune that goes along with all the presents under the tree that the farmer has delivered.

With so much to offer, this book has become popular among all the other Christmas and winter books that stores put out for family enjoyment. Available as a hardcover book, it will last for many years in the hands of kids. It is meant for children ages 3 to 6, but can be shown to kids even younger. Don’t be surprised if it becomes an instant favorite. Kids find it hard to resist a brightly colored book with a fun story and music at the end. In fact, some adults can be the same way.

Dream Snow

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