Dragon’s Merry Christmas

Dav Pilkey, best-selling author of books, set out to write several books featuring a main character called Dragon, a charming blue reptile that finds himself in a bunch of silly situations. Having a Christmas-themed book with Dragon was an obvious choice because of kids’ affinity for the holiday. But like Dragon, the author found himself with a problem. The character didn’t have anyone to interact with because he lived alone and had no friends. What a boring book that would lead to, right? Wrong. Dav Pilkey’s masterful mind created a wonderful holiday story that complements the Dragon series of books called Dragon’s Merry Christmas.

In this story, the title character tries to make his Christmas even more special than the year before. There’s the perfect tree to pick and the perfect gifts to give. And just as his creator faced a problem, our hero finds himself in a challenging situation. He just can’t bring himself to cut down a tree, and he gives the gifts he bought to creatures that need them more. So there he is with no tree and no presents. This certainly wouldn’t be a very special Christmas…or would it?

You can see Dav Pilkey’s trademarked style of illustration from the very beginning of Dragon’s Merry Christmas. Dragon is featured in bright colors running through the snow with

his arms up and a smile on his face. This book continues Dav Pilkey’s ability to create the most lovable, sweet characters. And it also continues the author/illustrator’s remarkable wit and style through the text. The illustrations are equally bright and cheerful and add to the story’s humor.

Dragon’s Merry Christmas is a fun book to read from beginning to end, and it also teaches children a valuable lesson. A special Christmas isn’t made special because of a perfect tree or perfect presents. It’s made through the things you share with others. The lesson isn’t lost on the four- to eight-year-old kids who are the primary audience for this book, and it’s not lost on

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the adults who read it, either. Make this book a Christmas tradition for your family.

Dragon’s Merry Christmas

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