Nappy Hair

Kids love to read about other kids, especially when the story is humorous, and they can relate to it. Everyone wakes up with messy hair. Some kids have cowlicks, others have two crowns, and still others may have frizzy or hard to tame hair. Nappy Hai

r is about a little girl who has just what the title implies, hair that is nappy and not able to be brought under control. Author Carolivia Herron has written a delightful tale, with the added attraction of making it something that people who love stories with heritage and simplicity interwoven will appreciate. No matter what your age or heritage, reading Nappy Hair will be a delight. Sharing it with your children, giving it as a gift, or even adding it to your own collection of childrens books, will be something that will offer hours of enjoyment as you read it again and again. This is one

story, that because of the African American heritage that is presented throughout, and the strong family values that are evident in the story, will be appreciated by people of any age. The story is geared towards children aged four to eight, but is appropriate for anyone. A family picnic is the place where the story is centered, with each member of the family calling attention to the Nappy Hair that can’t be controlled. The sing-song and chant-style lyrics make it a delight to read aloud. The illustrations are done in a beautiful folk art style with vivid colors, making this book

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a visual delight, as well as an auditory gem. Sharing a heritage that has impacted the world and the ways we all enjoy it will be a learning experience as well as an enjoyable one, as you and your children open up this book together. Read alone, or share it with your loved ones. No matter what heritage you and your family are, this book will help open up dialog about what heritage is and how each has their traditions and family ties. It shows that people can all look different on the outside and still

share many similar traits and values on the inside.

Nappy Hair

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