Martin’s Big Words

If you want a great book that will enlighten you and your kids to a piece of history that should be appreciated by every American, then you will want to add Martin’s Big Words to your collection.

Author Doreen Rappaport and Illustrato

r Bryan Collier have created a pictorial masterpiece with this stunning biography that will draw any reader (or non-reader viewing the pictures) in to learn about Martin Luther King Jr., and his vision of freedom and equality for all people. The combination of the beautiful and true to life illustrations, and the text which is easily read and understood, make this a one of a kind book. The watercolor pictures are colorful and charming, offering a very close to lifelike view of Martin Luther King Jr, and helping the reader to understand more by including wonderful expressions and details to the pictures.

The text is sparse and just enough to offer the reader a good history lesson. The words presented

flow easily, and are thought-provoking, recalling the life and experiences of King. This is one children’s book that children and adults alike will appreciate for its honesty and integrity in telling a story that is both inspirational and contains a part of history that is so vital to all Americans. The dream he had, the things that

drove the man to follow his vision, the words that inspired him, and the eloquence of speech he had that inspired thousands of Americans, are brought alive and used to inspire the reader, with both the illustrations and the written story.

This is one book that will be a wonderful addition to any collection, and may become a favorite to inspire, encourage, and remind the reader of how far we have come as a nation and how far we still have to go. Also valuable is the lesson to be learned not to let go of the dreams that drive us so that we might help make the world better, too. Words of inspiration, pictures of hope and a future, all in one little book that will make a big difference in the lives of its readers, no matter what age they are or how much history they may know.

Martin’s Big Words

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