Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr.

Author Jean Marzollo has written a book that celebrates the birth, life, vision, struggles, dreams, tragedies, triumphs, and death, of one of the most instrumental men to work so hard to bring an end to racism in America, Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr. was written especially for children who are aged four to eight, but this book can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Childrens books are something that even adults can enjoy. The simplicity of the words, the verse that flows so easily, and the historical facts which are presented in a way that is both easy to understand and among the most important facts to learn, all make this book for kids attractive to all ages. Whether you are a parent looking for good literature to help your kids learn more about the subjects that are important to know to be a good citizen, a teacher who is looking for books to add to the classroom, or a grandparent wanting to give kids an enjoyable reading experience, this is one book you should consider.

Illustrator J. Pinkney did a great job of bringing the character of Martin Luther King Jr.’s personality to the story. The illustrations are oil pastels, which are full of vibrant colors and give a face to some of the stories that have been passed on about this great man. Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King, Jr. presents the facts of the life of the man with eloquence and readability. The language used is easily understood by young children, and the facts are presented in such a way as to offer the truths of his story, without being too detailed about some of the events which may be upsetting to young children. Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr. is a wonderful choice for reading aloud. The verse flows very well, making it a great book to share with family, in a classroom, or one-on-one with a special child in your life. Reading historical books is something that nobody is too old or too young for, especially with books such as this one.

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr.


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