Child of the Civil Rights Movement

Child of the Civil Rights Movement, by Paula Young Shelton, offers an honest look at the civil rights movement. Her father, civil rights activist Andrew Young, was instrumental in her view of what really happened, how the changes came about, and he gave her insight into the struggles that were abundant during that time period. She takes her own childhood experiences of being witness to the challenges, and being a part of the march from Selma to Montgomery with her family and others who were on that historical march, and relates them in her story.

The illustrations by Raul Colon are bright and colorful, and full of details that bring even more depth to the story. The story is related from a child’s perspective, with impressions and thoughts that many children may have expressed to their parents during those times. Child of the Civil Rights Movement is a moving story that will be instrumental in bringing American History a step further. It isn’t often that children’s books tell a historic tale that will bring real history alive to the readers.

Written especially for children ages four to eight, this story will be something that early readers can enjoy. It is also something that will be wonderful to share together as a family. Learning about history together, especially when it involves an issue that has had such a profound impact on our world as this one has, will be something that can draw you closer together as a family. Learning about important historical facts, and sharing a story that will be sure to touch your hearts, will make family reading a fun part of your child’s life.

Child of the Civil Rights Movement is sure to be a wonderful addition to any collection; whether it is a historical collection, or a collection of books for children, this is one book you will want to make sure you own. It would also make a great gift. Being well-informed begins with being well read. This is one of those books that will help give children the foundation they need to understand important historical facts. This book tells a story of struggle and triumph, all in one small package to read.

Child of the Civil Rights Movement


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