A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr.

One thing that is often difficult to do with children’s books is to relay a picture and story that will allow children to truly grasp the historical significance of an event. Author David A. Adler has done just that, along with illustrator Robert Casilla, in the book, A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. Adler and Casilla have geared this book towards kids, aged four to eight years, and it is one of the few books that give both good pictures

for visual emphasis and a solid story with the information presented. The desired result when writing a history book for children is to have a piece of literature that will hold their attention, teach them about the intended subject, and keep them wanting to come back for more. Enjoying a book more than once is a great way for kids to learn. A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. does all of that, with style and taste, that can’t be matched by many historical books for kids. The written word and the pictures go hand-in-hand to tell the story that everyone should hear about Martin Luther King Jr. The years of growing up in a world where equality was not known, and where racism ruled, telling and showing his struggle to win the war against racism in America. The book also relates how the dedication he showed to his beliefs had an impact on changing the world, right up until his assassination and even beyond, and the events are portrayed with grace and honesty. A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. is an easy to read book. It is wonderful to share with your kids, and a

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great tool to help them learn the importance of everyone being created equal and treated equal. It is also a great book to let kids read alone, with the possibility that they may want to talk about it with you later. History has many lessons for kids to learn. Learning with books such as this one helps make reading and education fun, and more likely. The beauty of the illustrations will help draw them in, and the honesty with which the story is told will resonate within them. Adler and Casilla have given kids, and parents alike, a great tool to learn about racism, together with a book that will be great for discussion.

A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr.


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