Dragon Dance

In the nearly two decades since Joan Holub wrote her first kids book. That book was called Boo Who?, a lift-the-flap book. Since then, Holub has worked on more than 120 children’s books, making her a premier author of books that inform, interest, and entertain children. Her books include More Snacks! A Thanksgiving Play, Good Luck! A Saint Patrick’s Day Story, and The Pizza that We Made. One of the author-illustrator’s most notable books is called Dragon Dance.

There are so many fun activities to do on Chinese New Year, and this book explores them all. You can shop in the outdoor market for flowers for the dinner table, eat a large family meal, and getting money-filled red envelopes from your grandparents. But the most fun thing to do is to watch the incredible Chinese New Year’s parade with dramatic dragon puppets. There is a huge gold-and red paper dragon featured in the parade.

The color red is an important part of a Chinese New Year celebration because the color is for good luck. The book’s illustrator, Benrei Huang, uses the color in many ways throughout the book – in the gift envelopes and on the characters’ clothing.
In Dragon Dance, Holub uses rhyming text and the large flaps on sturdy pages to introduce these wonderful customs to your preschool-aged kids or younger. She also includes instructions for making your own dragon puppet. This is a charming flap-lift book that creates a colorful introduction to the customs and traditions of the Chinese New Year celebration.

Holub’s story realistically talks about how Chinese families come together for such an important feast and describes the Chinese calendar, which readers will learn is based on a Lunar Calendar. One of the celebrations’ most notable customs is to name the new year after an animal.

Nothing captures children’s imaginations like color illustrations and rhyming text. Joan Holub’s Dragon Dance introduces kids to another culture in a fun and colorful way in her 16-page lift-the-flap book that’s great for your youngest readers and it may even teach parents a thing or two about another country’s New Year celebrations.

Dragon Dance


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