One of the more esoteric lessons that every child must learn in their most formative years is about honesty. For adults, the difference between right and wrong is second nature, but for a child, it can be a very difficult concept to grasp. Thankfully, there are a series of expertly written childrens books on the market that can help drive home exactly what they need to learn. These stories not only make learning fun but they also are sure to include enough fun for adults so that we, as parents, enjoy reading them to our kids over and over again. Here are the top three tales you can get for your children to teach them about honesty, as well as several honorable mentions.

Top 3 Children’s Books About Honesty

edwurd fudwupper fibbed big Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big: This popular story will appear immediately identifiable to any adult who read a newspaper over the last 20 years. Former cartoonist Berkeley Breathed, who spent years writing and illustrating the popular Bloom County comic, has become a beloved author and this tale is considered his best work yet. Filled with rich illustrations, priceless expressions and remarkable insight, this is one tale your child will ask you to read over and over again. Stop your kids lying before they start with this story about Edwurd, told from his disgruntled sister Fannie’s perspective. Don’t be surprised if you end up loving this volume as much as your kid..
the berenstain bears and the truth The Berenstain Bears And The Truth: It is difficult to imagine being a tot and not having a Berenstain Bears book to read. As with every book in this series, the lessons are told with great care and the reader is never made to feel guilty for having told a fib in the past. This tale also does a great job of showing why it may be tempting for someone to fib and why it isn’t acceptable. Perhaps no other series of childrens books have done a better job of showing the basic lessons that people everywhere need to learn at an early age..
ruthie and the (not so) teeny tiny lie Ruthie And The (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie: If your child is old enough to appreciate truly beautiful illustrations, than this might be the tale they need to learn honesty from dishonesty. The gentle brushstrokes used here help to tell the tale of a young fox who finds a camera on the ground, only to tell everyone that it is hers. After a difficult night at home, she tells her parents and then her teacher at school. While this tale may be a little short on reality, it shows the importance of good behaviour above all else. If your young one is a creative type, this story might just hit home..

Other Great Books to Teach Honesty

pinky promise Pinky Promise: A Book About Telling The Truth: With rich, full water colors and soothing blues and greens, this volume does a good job of teaching that the decision to fib or tell the truth must come from inside you and not from a magical source. The main character Madison breaks her mom’s camera and then looks for guidance from her teddy bear. Instead of answering her verbally, Madison realizes that she knew the right thing to do all along. This is a spectacular way to teach about kids lying and how, deep down, most kids know the right thing to do..
don’t tell a whopper on fridays! Don’t Tell A Whopper On Fridays!: The Children’s Truth-Control Book: With fun illustrations and a knack for making the complicated simple, this tale clearly weaves an intelligent narrative about why fibbing is wrong, the damage it can do and why it is always simpler to tell the truth. Your infant will be instantly drawn to the smooth and rounded illustrations done in warm colors like browns and off whites. Childrens books need to be written so that adults want to read them to their offspring, and this story is a perfect example of how to do it right. It shows the consequences without the guilt trip some poorly written volumes resort to..
the berenstain bears and the excuse note The Berenstain Bears And The Excuse Note: Much like the pervious story mentioned above, you can’t really go wrong when you choose the Berenstain Bears to teach your young ones a lesson. This edition takes a slightly less direct approach to the subject of honesty, but the end result is nearly as effective. This story does a good job of showing the consequences of being dishonest, which is an area other stories avoid. Kids lying can be a big problem, especially if it isn’t dealt with correctly, but this tale is sure to teach your family right from wrong. The fun illustrations and pleasant tone make this a tale you will want to share with your tots again and again..
i’m telling the truth I’m Telling The Truth: Modifying children behavior can be a tough challenge for any parent, so any volume that combines lessons about both honesty and politeness into one package is sure to be a winner. This softly illustrated volume uses short sentences and easy to decipher messages to show your family just why honesty really is the best policy. In addition to the two lessons in one, you also will find that your young ones will enjoy reading this tale by themselves, thanks to the easy to understand sentence structure. This is one volume that is made specifically for the youngest members of your family..
a big fat enormous lie A Big Fat Enormous Lie: From the straight ahead title to the clear and unmistakable text, this is one tale that is both educational and extremely fun to read. Most of the praise for this story comes from the way the author manages to weave the moral into what is an extremely well told and entertaining narrative. Many tales such as this can come off as heavy handed or too bluntly obvious and your family will likely never want to read it again, but this particular story avoids all of the common traps. Expect to hear requests to read this tale again before you even finish the final page..
my big lie My Big Lie: With the wit of Bill Cosby and some of the most unique and beautiful illustrations of any child’s story, this tale is sure to teach your family about the differences between right and wrong. Made for slightly older readers, this tale is centered around a retelling of the classic Boy Who Cried Wolf story, but with a modern twist. Your child will feel all grown up reading this story that is sure to teach them a valuable lesson at the same time. No one knows more about raising a family in today’s hectic world quite like Bill Cosby and this volume is further proof..
the boy who cried wolf The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Few tales are as timeless as this one. A boy tells everyone in his village that a wolf is coming, causing panic, only to tell everyone moments later that he was not telling the truth. He repeats the behaviour a second time and gets the same reaction. A third attempt is ignored, which is unfortunate since, this time, the wolf is actually on his way. Analyzing children behavior can be difficult and stories must avoid making an impressionable child feel guilty, but sometimes, the oldest tales are the most effective at teaching a lesson. This is a story that should be a part of every library..
sam tells stories Sam Tells Stories: With rich water colors, odd shapes and angles and memorable characters, this tale uses humour and its unique look to teach a valuable lesson. If your child is already a fan of the main character from previous works, chances are, they will respond to this new edition to the series. It shows how someone can be so anxious to make a good impression that they will result to tall tales to do it. This story helps not only to teach about honesty but also about being yourself and relaxing in tense situations. Sam is a loveable character your whole family is sure to love..

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