Sleepy Bears

What child wants to go to sleep? Children, especially when they’re in their toddler age, often do everything they can to resist going to bed, which is why many parents read to them before bed time, or nap time, in order to calm them down and to help them to fall asleep. Parents looking for a good book to help to lull their children to sleep should look no further than many of Mem Fox’s stories. Fox has been an author of children’s books for over fifteen years, and has created many memorable books, including a number which are ideal for children who are just drifting off into dreamland.

The tale of Sleepy Bears is a book that is made for bedtime or naptime. This story is all about a mother bear and her six cubs. Each of the cubs needs to go to sleep for the winter in order to hibernate (when read during the daytime this gives adults a great chance to explain to children

about hibernation), but the bears can’t fall asleep. So mother bear decides to send them off into dreamy adventures.

First she takes Baxter and sends him off to dream of pirates. Then Bella, the acrobat of the family, to dream about being a part of the circus. Winifred is sent off to the jungle, and Tosca gets his own kingdom. Ali loves foods and so goes to a land filled with delicious treats, and Baby Bear, of course, gets to dream of moonbeams. Each bear, before they fall asleep, yawns, which often makes the child who is being read to yawn as well – as well as their parents! By the time Baby Bear is put to sleep in Sleepy Bears, children are ready to fall asleep, if they haven’t fallen asleep already.

The tale of Sleepy Bears is only made better by the beautiful illustrations created by Kerry Argent. These illustrations are colorful and yet not so bright that they keep children awake. They’re soothing and, along with the words, help children to feel warm and secure before snuggling down and going to sleep.

Sleepy Bears


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