Gerald McBoing Boing

One of the hazards of having children is that you suddenly start looking at everything your child does to see if they’re doing it incorrectly. If they don’t sit up by a certain time, for instance, you may start worrying that they can’t. This is very true for talking. When children do not talk by a certain age, all sorts of different specialists are called in, including pediatricians and speech therapists. In one of the great Dr. Seuss’s childrens books, we learn that maybe being a little different isn’t a bad thing.

Gerald McBoing Boing is a story about a little boy who was born normal, but who doesn’t start talking like most young children. Instead, he says sounds. He says sounds like “boom!” and “boing boing!”. His father becomes worried and seeks doctors to find a cure. Unfortunately no cure can be found, and the father gets very upset. The school has no help for young Gerald and he quickly learns that other young children don’t want to be around him when he makes the strange sounds that he makes! Fortunately for Gerald, he’s discovered by the owner of Bong-Bong-Bong radio station, who wants his sounds to be recorded for the station.

Gerald McBoing Boing shows children that you don’t have to be normal to be liked, and that sometimes it’s the quirks that we have that make us the people who we’re supposed to be. A great addition to any collection, Gerald McBoing Boing is a story about being exactly who you are.

gerald mcboing boing

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