Eric Carle

What’s so special about Eric Carle books? To start with, the beautiful and wholly unique illustrations. Once you’re familiar with his work, you’ll instantly recognize it. Many of his books focus on nature, and all of them offer important lessons to children on reading, science, colors, and a host of other skills.

Top 5 Eric Carle Books

the very hungry caterpillar The Very Hungry Caterpillar: This is probably the most famous of all the Eric Carle books, and for good reason. It begins with a an egg who turns into a caterpillar and is indeed quite hungry! He doesn’t know why he wants so much to eat, but the truth is soon revealed as he spins a cocoon and turns into a beautiful fluttering butterfly. While this might seem like a simple tale at first, it actually teaches quite a few lessons. Children can learn about the days of the week, basic counting, the importance of good nutrition and much more. The striking pictures and interactive elements make this a classic.
brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?: Gently rhyming and gorgeously illustrated with bold yet delicate tissue-paper collage work, children’s books don’t get much sweeter than this one. Every page introduces the reader to a new character, all of which are adorable animals. The text nudges the reader onward to give hints as to which animal they’ll come across next. With repeating patterns, younger readers will find it easy to chime in and interact with this book, predicting the next animal. Of course, while most of the book is predictable, it’s likely that no one will see the hilarious ending coming!
the artist who painted a blue horse The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse: The most recent of Eric Carle books, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse is all about living a creative life. It teaches kids that they can use their imagination any way they want to – even if it seems silly. The story follows one artist who paints the world the way he sees it. From a red crocodile to a polka-dotted donkey, he doesn’t let convention decide how he paints the world. This book was inspired by the famous painter Franz Marc, who frequently used blue horses in his paintings. For kids with an artistic mind, this book is a delight.
The Very Quiet Cricket The Very Quiet Cricket: There is so much going on in this immensely popular tale. First and foremost, it focuses on a very quiet cricket, who wishes for nothing more than to be able to rub his back legs together and make that beautiful cricket sound. Eventually he gets his wish, but not before plenty of humorous hijinks ensue. The surprise ending is all the more fantastic for the special chip that plays the sound that these crickets make. Both a wonderful story and a great introduction to natural history, this is a winner for kids of all ages and interests.
papa, please get the moon for me Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me: Monica’s father loves her so that he’d do anything she asks. When she wants the moon down from the sky, he does his best to get it. While he’s initially successful at grabbing the moon when it’s quite small, as he starts to bring it closer to the earth it continues to grow in size and hilarity ensues. This is beautifully illustrated and includes interactive fold-out pages for extra charm. Of all the books on this list, this may just be the most innovative and imaginative. What a wonderful tale of a father’s love for his daughter.

Other Great Books by Eric Carle

1, 2, 3 to the zoo 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: A perfect book for kid who are just learning to count, this story follows a train full of brightly colored animals, who are heading off to the zoo. Not only does it introduce children to numbers, but it amusingly covers number sets, simple addition, and counting as well. It starts off with one car on the train that has a single animal. The next car has one more animal, for a total of two. Then each car that follows has one more animal than the car before it. It’s all fun, rhyming games along the way, but the dramatic finale really makes this a classic book.
pancakes, pancakes! Pancakes, Pancakes!: Jack would really like to enjoy some delicious pancakes, but first he’s got some chores to do. He starts by visiting the chickens and gathering up some of their eggs. He visits the farmer to get the wheat he needs, then takes it to the miller to turn it into flour. The cow gives him the milk he needs, and on and on go the adventures of Jack as he gathers the necessary ingredients for his breakfast. Once he’s got everything he needs, his mother teaches him to cook the pancakes and flip them. When the steaming hot pancakes are finally ready to eat, Jack knows just what to do!
the tiny seed The Tiny Seed: Like many of Eric Carle’s books, this story has a wonderful basis that helps kids learn about the life cycles of nature. The text is quite poetic and beautiful, but certainly simple enough for young readers to understand. It starts off following one little seed, who is planted and watered and eventually turns into a towering sunflower. When it’s mature, it produces more seeds, all of which are planted and turn into sunflowers of their own. Kids love the subtle word play while they learn about the way that seeds become plants, and how more seeds are produced.
do you want to be my friend? Do You Want to Be My Friend?: As with most picture books, this book doesn’t use many words, but the few words that are used are expertly chosen. The expressive pictures do most of the storytelling, which follows a little lost mouse as he looks for the one thing he wants most: a friend. Luckily he finds a friend just in the nick of time, for little does he know that there’s a predator waiting in plan sight the entire time. This simple little story is a wonderful tale of friendship that will help kids to learn why it’s so important to be kind to others who need a friend.
rooster’s off to see the world Rooster’s Off to See the World: This story centers around Rooster, but he’s got plenty of pals along the way to help him on his journey. His goal is to see the world, because he just wants to know what else is out there! His colorful and hilarious friends help him along the way as he learns about different animals and how they live. Not only can kids learn quite a bit about various ecosystems of the world, but there are plenty of lessons in here about numbers and sets as well. With the signature bright illustrations, this is a favorite amongst fans.
the secret birthday message The Secret Birthday Message: The book starts with birthday boy Tim getting a message in a secret code that he doesn’t understand. He figures it out, and takes off on the first leg of his journey. The exciting treasure hunt takes him to a wide variety of places, from a spooky, creepy, dark cave, to an underground tunnel, and plenty of other strange places he never thought he’d go! In the end he does finally get his surprise, and it’s quite an unexpected and fantastic one. This is a great vocabulary building book for place words like “below,” and “through.”
walter the baker Walter the Baker: Walter the Baker has just gotten a challenge from the Duke: invent a roll that’s completely delicious, and through which the rising sun can shine through 3 times. Boy does Walter have his work cut out for him! He knows that disappointing the Duke is not an option, but he doesn’t know where to start. Eventually he does come up with the perfect solution and everyone rejoices. This is a lively tale that kids will fall in love with, and parents will enjoy reading this story, which is a retelling of the legend of how pretzels were invented.
have you seen my cat? Have You Seen My Cat?: Poor boy, his beloved cat has gone missing and he can’t seem to find him anywhere! He searches high and low, and along the way he meets some interesting creatures. In fact, he never knew there were so many different types of cats! He meets both domesticated and wild cats, he meets cats both big and small. In the end he does find his own cat, who has a very happy surprise for him – can you guess what the surprise is? This is a cute book that will keep kids guessing as they follow along on the search for the missing cat.
i see a song I See a Song: The book starts out in black and white, but soon becomes one of the most colorful picture books. It’s all about a violinist, who has no color until he starts to play. As the notes come forth, so do abstract images colored in bright, beautiful colors. This is a book that’s told entirely in pictures, as the violinists sees magical shapes come out of his instrument. Kids will feel the imagination just bursting from them as they watch the visual and magical musical journey, which ends with the violinist being shown in bright bold colors of his own.
my very first book of numbers My Very First Book of Numbers: This is a wonderful introduction to the world of counting. Can kids see how many cherries there are? Can they count the apples to see how many are the basket? This is an interactive book with fruits on the bottom half of the page, and numbers at the top. Kids can count the pieces of fruit and match them up with the numbers at the top. A clever, vibrant book, it actually has several levels of understanding. First, kids must learn to identify the different fruits. As they improve their skills, they can start to count each fruit to see how many there are.
my very first book of colors My Very First Book of Colors: As is always the case with Eric Carle’s children’s books, the colors in this book are bright and vibrant – which is even more important than usual since it is a book to help kids learn their colors. For example, do they know what color a bluebird is? This might be easy for an advanced kid to learn, but this book makes it really simple by providing matching colors on the top of the page with pictures on the bottom. You’ll see pink flowers, delicious purple grapes and much more. There are surprises along the way to help further engage kids.
my very first book of shapes My Very First Book of Shapes: Now Mr. Carle is teaching readers about shapes, and he of course does so in a very interesting way. Those who are familiar with his other books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Grouchy Ladybug will see many of those characters in this book. What’s wonderful about it is that it doesn’t just teach abstract shapes, it actually shows them in real life objects so children can get a better understanding of them. It’s a great way to start a conversation with a kid about the different objects in their lives and in what shape they are made.
my very first book of words My Very First Book of Words: The format may be the same as the previous three books on this list, but My Very First Book of Words is really quite unique. It focuses on what are known as “sight” words, which are words that are typically somewhat difficult to sound out traditionally, but that kids can easily learn to see on sight. The top half of the book has words, while the bottom half has pictures. Both the top and the bottom half flip independently of one another so that what you get is the ability to flip through and find the picture that matches with the word.
why noah chose the dove Why Noah Chose the Dove: This children’s book was written not by Eric Carle but by Isaac Bashevis Singer, a successful novelist. Together the master story-teller and our beloved illustrator create a fresh and lively retelling of a favorite tale from the Old Testament in the Bible. The animals vie against one another to find a place of honor on Noah’s Ark. This is a very accessible book that makes one of the most famous tales from the Bible easy to understand. It’s appropriate for all ages and can foster an interest in Bible stories and is generally a wonderfully told tale.
the hole in the dike The Hole in the Dike: Here is another tale that’s written by someone else, in this case Norma Green. Once again, it’s a retelling of a classic tale. A brave little Dutch boy finds a leak in a dike and plugs it with his finger. He stays there all night long to ensure that disaster doesn’t ensue and to keep damage from happening. It is quite an inspiring tale and shows how even the youngest of us can truly be courageous. With whimsical storytelling and brilliant illustrations, this is a favorite of kids whether they’re familiar with the tale or if this is their first experience with it.
the mixed-up chameleon The Mixed-Up Chameleon: Most people can relate to wishing they were someone else at times, and kids can certainly relate to this as well. That’s what this adorable book is all about. With hilarity and compassion, the author tells us about the bored little chameleon who just wishes he could be like other animals. After a series of amusing attempts to be like other animals, the chameleon finally realizes that there is no one he’d rather be than himself. This is a truly imaginative book that shows how important it is for us all to embrace what makes us unique.
the grouchy ladybug The Grouchy Ladybug: You may wonder what a ladybug has to be grouchy about, but in children’s books you’ll soon see that things aren’t always what they appear. This ladybug is always looking for a fight – even from those much larger and stronger than she is. Throughout the story, she does get a taste of her own medicine and eventually she sees that that there are consequences to her behavior. This is a great tale that shows kids how much can be gained from being cheerful and having good manners. The die cut pages add a wonderful layer of drama and depth.
watch out! a giant! Watch Out! A Giant!: This is really an unusual book for a number of reasons. First, it features really unique flaps that show a bit of the story to come. They’re unlike anything else we’ve seen in similar books. Second, it tells a story that is truly a surprise. You may think you have it figured out all along, but when the ending comes, you’ll see that nothing was what it seemed. The story follows the lives of 2 children who are escaping from a giant via trapdoors, underground tunnels, and other secret passageways. There is a cleverness to this book that can’t be matched.
the honeybee and the robber The Honeybee and the Robber: Picture books are more fun with pop-ups, or at least that’s what many kids think! If that’s the case, then this book is twice the fun. The ingenious pop-ups are coupled with other movable images to create a truly interactive experience for kids and to really bring the story to life. It all starts with a hungry bear who decides to attack the beehive to get his delicious dinner. When the other bees duck for cover, the bravest, littlest honeybee doesn’t shy away from protecting her home. This is both an imaginative and inspiring story.
catch the ball! Catch the Ball!: Eric Carle really hit the ball out of the park with this one, so to speak. While many of his books are interactive, this one is unique in its ball-on-a-string innovation. Each page shows a different animal doing something with the ball. There is actually a paper ball attached to a string that moves from page to page – or at least it will if the little reader does their job right! For example, at one point the ball pops into the pouch of a kangaroo, but when you turn the page it shows up somewhere else.
let’s paint a rainbow Let’s Paint A Rainbow: There’s a wide range of children who will truly love this book. One of the most exciting things about it is the way that it introduces color. As the book is read and the pages are turned, a vibrant rainbow will gradually appear. This helps kids learn about color and the color spectrum. There’s also a counting element, which can teach kids numbers and how to count by 2. And of course, as is expected from this author, the illustrations and words are as whimsical and fun as is the concept. This is truly a winner for all ages.
what’s for lunch? What’s For Lunch?: A monkey is swinging on his vine, wondering what he should have for lunch! This book incorporates a wide range of skills so kids of all ages can learn something from it. For example, they’ll learn about counting as the monkey counts his lunch options. They’ll learn about the different types and names of fruit as he looks at the delicious fruit the jungle has to offer. There are also manual dexterity lessons to be learned. Kids who are just learning how to read will appreciate the repetition, which allows them to keep up and guess what’s coming ahead.
chip has many brothers Chip Has Many Brothers: When this book was published in 1983, the original title was Chip Has Many Brothers, but upon its re-release in 1995, it was re-titled to: Thank You, Brother Bear. No matter what you call it, this is a book that’s bursting with exciting stories. Written by Hans Baumann, it is quite an original tale that uses a combination of North European and Native American traditions. Chip, a little boy, must go on a long and dangerous journey to get the medicine that will save his sister. His bravery and kindness get the attention of animals along the way, who stop to help him make the journey.
the very busy spider The Very Busy Spider: This is yet another of Eric Carle books that uses textures and interactive tools to get kids excited about the subject matter. In this case, raised printing adds a textural aspect that is really enchanting. The story is of course quite memorable on its own, as it follows the tales of a number of farm animals who are trying to divert a very busy spider from completing the spinning of her web. She persists anyway, and creates something that is both beautiful and useful. This is a book that’s recommended for all, but especially for children who are visually-impaired.
the foolish tortoise The Foolish Tortoise: What a silly tortoise! He thinks he doesn’t need his shell and that it’s just another thing that makes him different than his friends. He sheds it and heads off into the world, but after several hilariously scary encounters, he realizes that he just may need it after all! This is both a modern tale and a witty fable, and was written by Richard Buckley. It helps kids to understand that what makes them difference may not be a bad thing after all, but may be just what they need to make their way through their own life.
the greedy python The Greedy Python: This is actually a companion book to The Foolish Tortoise and was written by the same author, Richard Buckley. While they do compliment each other, they are also stand-alone books that can be read and enjoyed completely separately. In the story, a python is incredibly greedy. So greedy in fact that he wants everything around him! When it is taken to the extreme, the python ends up eating himself. This is a story that’s both humorous and important, as it shows kids that it’s important not to get too greedy on their own. With clever illustrations and whimsical writing, this book is a treasure.
the mountain that loved a bird The Mountain that Loved a Bird: Written by Alice McLerran, this is a poetic little tale with the usual and beloved collage illustrations. The story is that of a mountain and a bird. Neither is particularly happy, and both are quiet lonely. Together they find the happiness and friendship that both are looking for. Children’s books don’t often have the kind of heart and joy that this one brings, and it is sure to bring a smile to the face’s of kids and adults alike. The pairing of Eric Carle and Alice McLerran is a wonderful one, as evidenced by this glorious tale.
all in a day All in a Day: This isn’t solely an Eric Carlie book. In fact, there are 9 other artists in it, each one of them internationally acclaimed. The stories were collected by editor Mitsumasa Anno, and each one of the revels the events in one day for one child. The stories take place in places all over the world, which gives readers the chance to learn about different climates, environments, and cultures. While it does show these differences, the overlying theme is that of all people being equal, and the commonality of human beings everywhere. This is a thought provoking book that can spark some interesting conversations.
a house for hermit crab A House for Hermit Crab: Of all Eric Carle books, this book is the type that he is most well known for. It focuses on teaching kids a little something about nature. In this case, it’s the life of a hermit crab and the other plants and animals that live in its environment. As many adults know, hermit crabs don’t come with their own shell. Instead, they must search the ocean floor to find the right size, and must search again as they continue to grow. This story goes through one year in the life and growth cycle of a hermit crab who just needs to find a place to call home.
the lamb and the butterfly The Lamb and the Butterfly: Written by Arnold Sundgaard, this story is about a lamb and a butterfly who live quite different lives. The lamb is penned in and only has so much room to run, while the butterfly is free, independent, and can do whatever it pleases. The lamb and the butterfly compare and contrast the pros and cons of each of their living styles, and the focus is on finding tolerance and acceptance to diversity. The full-color illustrations are quite lovely and whimsical, and somewhat different than many of the typical Eric Carle illustrations. This is a book with broad appeal to a wide audience.
eric carle’s treasury of classic stories for children Eric Carle’s Treasury of Classic Stories for Children: This is a group of stories that have been told in other places, but are delightfully retold here. In total there are 22 favorite tales, some of which are folktales, fairytales, and fables. The original authors include Aesop, Hans Christian Andersen, and the Brothers Grimm. This is a great collection to introduce kids to these well known stories and to let them experience a fresh and new way to see these tales. Of course, they are all delightfully illustrated with fresh and fantastic designs as well. This is a must have for parents or kids who love the classic stories.
Animals Animals Animals Animals: This is another collection, this time edited by Laura Whipple, and it includes many authors of children’s books creating unique tales. In this case, they are all wonderful, whimsical poems, each one telling of the charms of animals. There is a focus on wonderful, domestic pets, but there are also plenty of tales of wild animals who live in their own habitat. Eric Carle illustrates several of these tales, and really brings the stories to life. Of course, he is well within his element here, as much of his best work depicts the wonder of the animal and plant world.
polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?: Written by Bill Martin Jr., this is a great book to help kids get interactive with reading. It includes simple, repetitive question and response text that gets kids excited about the interaction. They’ll get to imitate several different zoo animals and even a zoo keeper. What a wonderful book for play time, and to teach kids about the multitude of animals that live in our world. The illustrations on this book are anything but subtle! We’re talking big, bold, colorful animals that are joyfully enjoying their day and interacting with the animals around them.
dragons dragons Dragons Dragons: Compiled by Laura Whipple, this is a book full of dragons and other fantastical creatures that are the stories of legends. Both modern and classic poems are included in this book, so the reader really gets a wide range of voices. Each one of them is illustrated in full color and with pictures that are as fantastical and immense as are the stories. When it comes to expanding a reader’s imagination, it doesn’t get more exciting then this lovely book. We love that volume includes such a wide range of voices, because it really helps to ensure that every child will fall in love with one of these poems.
draw me a star Draw Me a Star: This is one of the most unique children’s books for budding artists. It all starts with a simple drawing of a star, and on each page that follows more and more objects are drawn. Eric Carle based this book on his grandmother teaching him how to draw a star. He includes directions in the book, so kids can learn to follow the steps themselves. Not only is this an inspiring story that helps kids learn how to draw themselves, but it’s a unique insight into the world and mind of an artist’s creativity. A wonderful addition to any library.
today is monday Today Is Monday: Based on a song that most kids know, this is a funny, rollicking good time. Each page shows a different food for a different day of the week. Though the wording may be familiar, the pictures really help to make the story unique. At the end of the week, all the kids in the world are invited to come together for Sunday supper. This is a great example of how an artist’s touch can really make a work his own. The bright, detailed illustrations bring the food to life and help get the appetites of little reader’s working overtime.
eric carle: picture writer Eric Carle: Picture Writer: This is actually a video, and a fascinating one at that. Eric Carle used to make visits to schools, and would teach the kids about being an artist. He’d give them hands-on demonstrations of his unique technique, which included using tissue paper, painting, and making collages. This video is a wonderful example of one of these visits, and includes interviews with the author that help bring his technique to life. Anyone who’s ever wondered how this creative genius made his masterpieces will surely love this video. It’s a great companion to all Eric Carle books.
my apron My Apron: A young boy wants nothing more than to help his uncle, the mason, plaster their chimney. He feels quite grown-up when he gets his wish! But first of course, he must put on his own apron. Once he’s got the right work clothes, he joins his uncle in the ‘grown-up’ work and takes pride in what he does. This is not just a wonderful story; it includes an important lesson about taking pride in craftsmanship. The illustrations are quite unique as well, and use a wonderful technique that includes a strong black outline put over bright colors. A small apron comes with the book so kids can feel they’re a part of the story.s
the very lonely firefly The Very Lonely Firefly: The poor lonely little firefly makes many mistakes as he searches for the group of fireflies amongst whom he will really belong. He meets plenty of other night creatures, and enjoys their company. But they just aren’t quite right. That is until the end, when the happy surprise comes along and brightens everyone’s night. The final illustration includes a swarm of fireflies who literally shine and twinkle to bring him home for the night. This mesmerizing book is full of the whimsy and magic of creatures that go bump in the night – and the animals that light their way.
little cloud Little Cloud: Looking for shapes in the clouds is a pastime of every kid, but what happens when we start to consider what clouds are really there for? This little cloud quietly slips away from his parents, and morphs into a series of beautiful forms. From a sheep, to a plane, to a hat, and even a clown, he has a wonderful time! He then quietly rejoins his cloud parents and learns about the real function he’s there for – making rain. This is a delightful book to help introduce kids to how rain is formed and how clouds help.
the art of eric carle The Art of Eric Carle: This is a must have for fans of Eric Carle books. It’s beautifully designed and explores many aspects of both his life and work. Included is an autobiography with many pictures that show his life when he first came to the United States. It also details where he got his inspiration from, his art education in Germany, and his early years as a commercial artist. Eventually he returned to his home country and almost accidentally got into the business of creating the books he’s now so loved for. The volume also includes a wonderful rendition of his process in creating his works of art.
from head to toe From Head to Toe: Yes, “I can do it!” is the message that comes through loud and proud in this book. Readers follow along with the antics of the many animals in this volume, and learn essential skills such as listening, focusing their attention, and following instructions. Alphabet books do a great job introducing letters and simple words, and From Head to Toe does a wonderful job introducing basic body parts and simple movements. This book includes the basic lessons in dancing, gymnastics, and other sporting activities. With coverage of a wide range of animals and activities, there’s something here for every kid.
flora and tiger: 19 very short stories from my life Flora and Tiger: 19 Very Short Stories From My Life: Though the majority of Eric Carle books are written for children, this is one that’s written for an older audience. While it may still hold the interest of children and there’s nothing inappropriate, it was written more as autobiography than his other pieces. Instead of a linear or chronological process, Carle decided to write each of these mini-stories as they occurred to him. They cover everything form his earliest memories to the present day. Every story is true, and every one is fascinating in its own unique way. This is a wonderful addition for a true fan.
hello, red fox Hello, Red Fox: Mama Frog is quite surprised when she arrives at Little Frog’s birthday party. Because you see, Red Fox looks green to her! She views Orange Cat as blue…and she just doesn’t know what to do. This is a book that breaks the 4th wall and talks directly to readers, asking for their help in solving the problem. Kids are tasked with choosing the ‘correct’ color for each of the animals and to sort out the mystery of Little Frog and all his friends of various colors. This is quite an imaginative book that will get reader’s excited about helping to solve the puzzle.
you can make a collage: a very simple how-to book You Can Make a Collage: A Very Simple How-to Book: Klutz Press, the publishers of informational children’s books, got together with Eric Carle to make this fascinating book on his process. So many people have wondered how he makes his art, and he’s more than happy to share the story. This 72 page book features full-color printed tissue papers painted by him, and a detailed description of his process. While it does go very thoroughly over the process, it’s also a very simple and easy book to follow. Of course, the artist offers his own unique brand of encouragement and inspiration along the way.
the very clumsy click beetle The Very Clumsy Click Beetle: Yet another interactive book on this list, The Very Clumsy Click Beetle lets kids hear the ‘click’ of the beetle as they flip through the pages. The poor little clumsy beetle can’t seem to land on his feet, but in the end he reins triumphant. This is a great book for kids to experience the ups and downs of any endeavor. The beetle sees his friends walking up and down so well, and he wants to be able to do it too! At first, it may look like it’s hopeless, and the beetle is certainly frustrated. But the beetle eventually proves that practice makes perfect.
does a kangaroo have a mother, too? Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother, Too?: Every animal is unique in its own way, and the way that mother and baby animals interact with each other is proof. This book covers a wide range of animals to show the special bond that various mothers have with their babies. For example, readers will meet the little joey, who lives in the pouch of his kangaroo mother. They’ll meet the little cygnet, who rides along on the back of its swan mom. The book shows comforting, caring, and compassionate mothers who love their animals babies as much as the reader’s mom loves them!
dream snow Dream Snow: It’s Christmas Eve, and the old farmer doesn’t understand how he can celebrate Christmas when there hasn’t been any snow yet. He settles down to a warm winter nap, and while he’s slumbering he has quite a dream. He imagines the snow falling and covering him and all his animals, one by one. When he wakes up, he discovers that it really has snowed! The book ends with a surprise that no one saw coming, but everyone will love. This is a magical, special Eric Carle book that is perfect for the Christmas season – or any time a child needs a little magic.
“slowly, slowly, slowly,” said the sloth “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth: The sloth lives a slow, quiet life. He spends his days hanging upside down from the branches of a tree. He spends his nights…well, the same way! Of course, he hangs from the trees when it’s sunny, but when it’s rainy…well, the same way! The other animals in the forest are always rushing by, wanting to know why he just lies around all day. “Why are you so slow?” they ask. “Why are you so quiet?” they want to know. “Why are you so lazy?” they proclaim. Finally, after he’s taken his sweet time, the sloth gives them an answer.
where are you going? to see my friend! Where Are You Going? To See My Friend!: Many of Eric Carle books work to show kids how though there are differences between different people, in the end we have more in common than we have differences. This book is a great example of that. It follows a dog, a cat, a rooster, a goat, a rabbit and eventually a child as they embark on a journey to see their friends. This is a bilingual collaboration between these animals, but they can certainly understand what the other is trying to say. It is a book about uniting cultures and languages.
panda bear, panda bear, what do you see? Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?: Kids who are concerned with endangered animals will really appreciate this book, and those who don’t yet know about environmental issues can certainly learn a lot. The book is written by Bill Martin Jr. and is told from the perspective of endangered animals. Each page features a different wild animal and shares their story. Some animals are losing their habitats, some are being captured by people who want to use their fur. Each animal has its own unique story, and each is told with compassion. A great beginner book for kids or a great supplement for kids who are only too aware of the problems our plant faces.
mister seahorse Mister Seahorse: Seahorses are interesting creatures for a lot of reasons, but one of the most unique aspects of these animals is that they are one of the few animals in the entire animal kingdom where the father takes care of the offspring exclusively. This picture book follows Mister Seahorse and his other father seahorse friends, as they work on caring for their offspring who will be hatching soon. They share stories with one another about what it’s like to be a father. This is a really touching book that explores the bond between father seahorses and their baby seahorses, and ultimately human fathers and their children.
10 little rubber ducks 10 Little Rubber Ducks: A lovely little counting book is made even more special when you consider that it’s based on a real life story. When 10 rubber ducks went to sea, each one ended up on a different shore. The book follows 10 rubber ducks who fall overboard and end up on shores all across the world. Eric Carle’s bold imagination puts them into unique situations, and imagines their voyage in the wide open seas. With plenty of interaction with a wide range of creatures, children can learn a lot about who lives in different parts of the ocean – and what lies beyond.
baby bear, baby bear, what do you see? Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?: Baby Bear is on the journey of his life – to find his beloved Mama Bear. He travels through North America and meets the most interesting cast of characters along the way. From foxes to felines, from cows to canines, Baby Bear will experience the joy of learning about new animal friends – and so will young readers. The illustrations in this book are quite awe-inspiring, as their bold colors and clean lines are coupled with the collage style that the author and illustrator is known for. Overall, this is a wonderful book for learning about different animals.

Eric Carle books are beautifully illustrated and teach children important lessons about the world around them. Whether reading a book about endangered species, the animals who live in the sea, or how papa seahorses take care of their young, children will have a better understanding of the world after reading these rich tales.

What is your favorite Eric Carle book?

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