Uno’s Garden

Graeme Base does it once again with this timeless children’s classic, Uno’s Garden. With a message that will inspire you and your children to treat the environment well and do what you can to take care of our world, this fantastically told tale offers to entertain as well as offer a message of hope and caring. Though it is intended for ages 4-8, this is one delightful tale, with the most amazing artwork, that will become a favorite no matter what your age. With the ability to offer children a fun story line, while amusing adults with the colorful and masterful artistry, Uno’s Garden offers something for everyone.

Uno loves the forest so much, he decides to move there and be among the trees, plants, and animals who have been a part of the forest forever. After Uno makes the forest his home, plants a garden, and enjoys life among nature, more and more people decide to move there. As the houses and other buildings go up, the colorful forest becomes bleaker and less full of life. As the story goes on, and a city is built and then abandoned, Uno’s descendants become responsible for taking care of the environment and seeing the forest come back to being what it once was.

Offering a glimpse into why it’s important to take care of the world around us, and the hope of regaining what might be lost when the world is not taken care of properly, Uno’s Garden offers a lesson that all will benefit from. Other educational lessons include math, conservation, and environmentalism. This may be one of the best children’s books for helping kids and adults alike, see the importance of being responsible with our world, and at the same time enjoying a piece of literature that offers beauty and fine storytelling.

Uno's Garden

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