The Very Clumsy Click Beetle

What does every child have in common? The desire to do things that they see other, usually older, children do. When they try, sometimes they fail the first few times, and sometimes they need to learn the trick to being successful. When The Very Clumsy Click Beetle is read to children, they will see that this is a universal thing, the desire to do more than you are ready for. Eric Carle captures the ability to send a positive message, offer educational insight into the life of an insect, in this instance the click beetle, and give the reader a visual treat, all at the same time.

When The Very Clumsy Click Beetle discovers his gift of flipping over… “quick, click, flip” style. When he tries to do it the way he sees the other, more mature and much older beetles doing it, he can flip alright, but when it comes to landing the right way, he is a failure. With a determination to get it right, he keeps on trying. Other insects and animals offer encouragement and support as they give him advice about how to end up in the right position, on his feet. When he finally takes the advice of an older click beetle, he is able to do it right.

Like some of Eric Carle’s other children’s books, this one offers some special effects. Throughout the book there is the ability to hear the clicking as the story is read. There is a replaceable battery in the book that will make it possible to enjoy the story, along with the special effects, time and time again. The Very Clumsy Click Beetle will amuse and entertain you and your children, as you read it over and over again.

the very clumsy click beetle

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