The Sign of the Seahorse

Reading a Graeme Base book has never been so much fun as when the story is told in poetic rhyme and rhythm. The Sign of the Seahorse offers more than a simple story, it offers to delight any audience with such musical verse and artistic adventure, not often found among children’s books. Though the intended audience is ages 4-8, the story line itself may be more suitable for children and adults, ages nine and up. With a love story thrown in among the adventure, the plot may be more understood by older children than younger, though all ages will be delighted with the poetry offered throughout the story.

the sign of the seahorse

The Sign of the Seahorse is the story of Pearl Trout, a beauty of the sea, and Corporal Bert of the Soldiercrabs. When love is in the air, there must be a separation of the two while Corporal Bert takes care of some villains who are polluting the sea. When the problem is taken care of, the two are reunited. As simple as that may sound, the story is woven in a way that will draw the reader to go on, and read this delightful tale over and over again.

Full of color, lots of action, and a literary work that can’t be compared to other books crafted for children, The Sign of the Seahorse is a one of a kind story, with masterful design and artwork that will inspire you on to read more of Graeme Base’s collection of books. Young or old, male or female, all will be delighted with this book that offers more than simply a story. It offers a flowing tale with illustrations that will leave you coming back for more.

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