The Circus Ship

If the cover doesn’t catch your eye, you can be sure that it will catch the eye of your child! The Circus Ship definitely promises to be an interesting story, what with tigers and giraffes and elephants hanging out on the deck of a really big ship plowing through the ocean. Though they say one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, doing so here would be perfectly okay.

Brought to you by Chris Van Dusen, this children’s book is full of fun rhymes, an engaging story, and beautiful illustrations. Chris Van Dusen is also the illustrator of the Mercy Watson series, so if children like the pictures in that series, they might enjoy taking a peek inside this book.

A load of circus animals rides along in a ship, minding their own business when suddenly they find themselves crashing along the coast of Maine. The animals swim to shore and at first the townspeople aren’t sure what to make of them. But then the animals begin performing good deeds and show that they are quite good-natured. The townspeople are delighted and welcome the animals into their community. Everything seems like it will end happily ever after—until the greedy owner comes to fetch them. No one, animals included, wants the owner to take them, so the townspeople and the animals hatch a plot to trick him so that they can get the happily ever after they deserve.

When poorly treated animals win, it’s cause for celebration. Though the age range is for kids 4-8, all ages will likely smile and fall in love with all the nice animals from the circus troupe. How can you not smirk at the idea of a zebra in your garden or a tiger rescuing kids from burning buildings? Especially when it is done with such bright colors and fun detail. The most talk about this title’s illustrations stems from the large spread of hiding animals that readers will linger on to find.

Whether it’s because you love a good story or love good animals, Chris Van Dusen’s book is a definite winner for adults and children alike.

The Circus Ship

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