Jungle Drums

With both the storytelling ability and the artistic talent offered by Graeme Base, Jungle Drums is one more book to add to his list of enchanting tales. Set in the jungles of Africa, this story unfolds with beautifully illustrated animals and natural scenery. Ngiri Mdogo is the smallest warthog in Africa, and is constantly being teased and picked on by the other warthogs. They tease him because he is smaller than any of them, and because they are jealous of the other animals who have beautiful markings in the form of spots and stripes, and they want to look beautiful too.

The wisest animal in the jungle, a wildebeest, gives Ngiri a set of bongo drums that have the ability to change things with the magic they contain. When Ngiri plays his drums, things change overnight. The markings on all of the animals get switched around and that makes them all very unhappy. When things finally get back to normal, all of the animals decide to not wish for anything that isn’t natural to them, and all is well. They celebrate together with a parade, and Ngiri plays his Jungle Drums with no wishes and no more problems.

Among the colorful setting, the beautifully illustrated jungle and animals, is a wildebeest hiding in every page. Fun and adventure are waiting with the different types of markings on the wrong animals, making it an adventure to recognize who the markings should really belong to. With storytelling ability that is difficult to match and vivid illustrations that will delight your senses, you and your children will be drawn to this story over and over again. Jungle Drums is one of many Graeme Base children’s books that is destined to become a classic.

jungle drums

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