Hondo and Fabian

hondo and fabian

The delightful  “Hondo and Fabian” was written and illustrated by Peter McCarty, author of such other childrens books as “T is for Terrible”, “Little Bunny on the Move” and  “Baby Steps”.  In “Hondo and Fabian”, for which he won a Caldecott picture books award, McCarty features his distinctive style of pencil drawing, complemented by  warm colors and soft focus techniques as he tells the short story of a day in the lives of lovable pup (Hondo) and his cute feline companion (Fabian).

The story itself doesn’t have all that much action to speak of; in essence “Hondo and Fabian” is a story that shows a day in the life of a dog who gets to accompany the family on a trip to the beach while the cat stays at home to “play with the baby”.  Incidentally, the baby is the only human member of the family that is shown throughout the book.  Whether Hondo is running and playing on the beach with a fellow canine or diving in the water his day is long and exhausting.  Much the same story can be told of Fabian who spends his day trying to escape the grip of the baby whom he was left at home to entertain, entertains himself by pulling the toilet paper off of the roll.  By the end of the day both beloved pets are completely worn out  – “full and fat” as the author describes them – as they each return to their own resting places for a well deserved rest.


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