Gossie and Gertie

Little did Olivier Dunrae know when he drew and colored pictures of two little goslings that his story would become so well loved so quickly. Parents of children who are in preschool and younger know that it’s often hard to find childrens books that the children will love as much as parents, and that it’s even more difficult to find books that are made specifically for children of that age that don’t dumb things down at all. 

gossie and gertie

Gossie and Gertie, however, is a book that is engaging for both young children and their parents. The story is about two young goslings who are always having an adventure. The book tells two stories about the goslings and their adventures. The first story is about how Gossie’s red boots have gone missing. A search for them, however, shows that they’re on Gertie’s feet. What is a young gosling to do when someone else is wearing your boots? If you’re like Gossie, you share them!

The second story in the original Gossie and Gertie book is about Gertie who comes back and has her own blue boots this time. She begins to follow Gossie around and copies her every move. Once she does her own thing, however, Gossie gets upset. In Gossie and Gertie children learn how to be a good friend to someone else, just like the pair of goslings is, and even parents can walk away from the stories with a light heart and a little lesson that they’ve learned.

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