If you have a preschool aged child you’ve likely seen Olivier Dunrae’s work. Olivier Dunrae was the genius behind Gossie and Gertie, two goslings who get into all sorts of situations that who have entrenched themselves firmly in the hearts and minds of preschoolers around the nation. In the childrens books featuring the pair of goslings, children get to meet many other goslings, and each one has something interesting about them, making them easily relatable to a child no matter what type of child they happen to be.

BooBoo is a little blue gosling who likes to eat. She likes to eat everything. It doesn’t matter what type of food it is, she’ll eat it. She walks around the barnyard all day looking for food and eating things that were left for other animals. She eats food that was left for the goat, and food that was for the mouse, as well as food that was for the hens. Eventually, though, she sees a soap bubble and gobbles it up.

After eating the bubble, BooBoo starts burping constantly, which is something that she doesn’t enjoy doing. Once the burping goes away, BooBoo realizes that she needs to be a little bit more careful about what types of food she eats. Children will laugh and giggle at the pictures of the little blue gosling and what she goes through, and parents can use the opportunity to help children learn that you have to be careful about what you put in your mouth!

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