Bats at the Library

Brian Lies offers an amusing tale of the night the bats visit the library in Bats at the Library. With a rhythm and rhyme that is catchy and easy to follow, this is one of the most fun books to read and look at. Picture books and bats all together in one book; what could be more fun for kids and adults to share?

As the night time darkness falls, the bats become bored and have nothing to do until one of them notices that one of the library windows has been left open a crack. But a crack is all they need; after all, bats can fit through very small places. With a twist that gives these bats personality and humor, the fun to be had in even just reading it will amaze you. Making shadows on the walls, playing in the water fountain, making photocopies of their bodies, and even…reading books! These Bats at the Library have more fun than most people have ever known a library to hold.

This is one of those picture books that will offer you something new, and help you appreciate the unique creatures that bats really are, and a story that will amuse young and old alike, Bats at the Library will become a family favorite that you will share time and time again. Though it was written for young children, this book does not have an age limit. Whether you are young or old, enjoy bats or are afraid of them, you will enjoy this story.

bats at the library


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