Are You My Mother?

Certain children’s books are sure to make kids happy and adults say, “Aww!”  P.D. Eastman’s Are You My Mother? is one of those books. 

When a mother bird heads out to get some food for herself, her egg hatches.  Since mom isn’t in the nest, the baby bird decides to go find her.  After asking all sorts of animals and items, baby finally returns home – only to find mom already there and waiting.  It’s a straightforward story that manages to build a tiny bit of tension as readers worry about the plight of the baby bird, and then releases that tension with a happy ending as mom and baby are reunited.

Are You My Mother? is available as a hardcover book for children ages 4-8 and a board book for children ages 1-3.  Complete with full color illustrations also by Eastman, the book echoes a Dr. Seuss-like style with its simple drawings and lack of backgrounds.  The baby bird gets the full spotlight as readers turn the pages.  This style matches it perfectly with other books in the series (I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Books for the hardcover and the Bright and Early series for board books) and why it is almost always found shelved with other Dr. Seuss books.  Are You My Mother? is a great book to couple with Eastman’s other works or other books of each series.  Read with parents or on their own, this book is perfect for improving or developing reading skills as well as promoting an overall love of reading.

are you my mother?

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