Sports Alphabet Books

Using children’s books that are innovative, informative and absolutely entertaining, teaching the alphabet to your children can be as easy as piquing their interest in a particular sport! When you choose a sports alphabet book that focuses on an individual sport from the usual (football, basketball, baseball) to the unusual (extreme sports, equestrian and ice skating) and uses famous players, terms, teams and other interesting factoids to help teach the letters as you go. A great way to read as a family, you will no doubt find yourself as captivated by the lush illustrations and light hearted verse in this Sleeping Bear series as your kids will.

Sleeping Bear ABC Books

z is for zamboni Z is for Zamboni : With a fun, sing song style written in verse, this title is sure to be a big hit for young hockey fans of all ages. Matt Napier has brought together a great combination of facts from famous players and teams to the rules of the game and combined them with Melanie Rose’s top notch illustrations for a truly unique story that is sure to be a favorite for kids of all ages. The light verse style makes it perfect for your younger kids while the extra facts make it great for even the most knowledge hungry youth.
p is for putt P is for Putt: Why do golf balls have dimples? Author Brad Herzog will explain that and more as he takes his turn at the writing green with this fun and enlightening guide through the letters of the alphabet using the increasingly popular sport of golf. It Includes both light verse that is sure to capture the imagination and attention of the youngest readers as well as more in depth information about popular players, terms and rules of the game that will surely make the more mature youngsters happy. Illustrator Bruce Langton’s large and colorful art work helps to break up the bits of information while keeping things visually entertaining.
h is for home run H is for Home Run: Not all sports alphabet books are created equal as author and illustrator team Brad Herzog and Melanie Rose show us here. This reader for grades 1 through 4 shows each letter of the alphabet in both upper and lower case and features a different baseball term for each. Alongside each letter and the high color illustrations are small tidbits of information that will satisfy the more advanced readers and fans of baseball. Young readers are sure to become diehard fans of America’s national pastime the first time they go from A to Z, but the first time definitely won’t be the last!
e is for extreme E is for Extreme: Whether your children want to learn more about the exhilaration of bungee jumping or why the Iditarod dog sled race is so incredibly difficult, this is the one place to find the answers! From A to Z and every letter in between, this title is a sure winner for kids who are budding thrill seekers with such interesting tidbits as the famous mountain climber whose answer to the question “Why would you want to climb Mount Everest?” was simply “Because it is there.” Page after page of extreme sports will bring your children back to this title time after time.
h is for horse H is for Horse: For this entry into the Sleeping Bear Press Sports collection, author Mike Ulmer and Illustrator Gijsbert Van Frankenhuyzen take on the sport of equestrianism. For each of the 26 letters the reader is presented with a new painting to serve as visual representation for the rhyming verse, as well as for the interesting tidbits of information that accompany each page. From historical facts to simple terms about working with and judging horses, no hoof is left unturned in this title. The illustrator’s lavish images pick up right where the author’s facts leave off and will leave your children wanting more.
t is for touchdown T is for Touchdown: So much more than a mere sports alphabet book for kids, this collection of facts, teams and wonderful illustrations is sure to please any young football fan and to create new fans out of those who are not yet old enough to be able to say “Super Bowl Sunday”. This time, Mark Herzog teams up with illustrator Mark Braught for one of the most popular titles in this Sleeping Bear series. Each letter (presented in both upper and lower case) is represented by terms and / or famous people from football history. Cover to cover, this is a definite touchdown!
k is for kick K is for Kick: This wonderful installment in the popular Sleeping Bear sports series features author Brad Herzog and illustrator Melanie Rose collaborating on the worldwide phenomenon known to Americans as soccer. The same sing song rhyming verse is present here as it is in the others of the series and Rose’s lush illustrations bring tremendous visual appeal to a fact packed collection of teams, terms and tidbits about the much beloved game of soccer. The poetic verses in the presentations on each page are sure to keep youngsters entertained while the factoids on the opposing pages will keep older kids interested as well.
j is for jump shot J is for Jump Shot : Who scored more points than any other NBA player in history? How did basketball get started in the first place? The answers to these questions and many more can be found in this captivating title by the author and illustrator team of Michael Ulmer and Mark Braught. Just like the rest of the Sleeping Bear sports books, this one doesn’t disappoint young readers who are hungry for entertainment and information on basketball. Rhyming verse and copious facts are blended perfectly with bright and vivid artistic renderings to make this one title that your kids will love for years to come!
a is for axel A is for Axel: When the four time world champion figure skater Kurt Browning hangs up his medal winning skates and picks up a pen to begin writing his first children’s book, expectations are bound to be higher than a triple axel. The result was a playful and informative rhyming verse with more terms, facts, history and brilliant art work than you can point a toe pick at! Illustrator Melanie Rose does an amazing job keeping the visual stimulation high in this fantastic journey through the alphabet while maintaining a light hearted appearance throughout the story from A all the way through to Z.
r is for race R is for Race: Author Brad Herzog is at the helm again for another story in the popular Sleeping Bear alphabet series for children, this time with Illustrator Jane Gilltrap Bready in the passenger seat. Young readers of all ages will experience the roar of the engines and the adrenaline rush of racing around the track at mind blowing speeds all while learning the basics of stock car racing in a fun and informative way. From its beginning in the late 1800s to it becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, this title is sure to please kids of all ages!

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