Patriotic Alphabet Books

Once upon a time our reading time served one purpose – at least when we were kids. Now we live in a fast paced society where even our children’s books have begun to serve double duty. The titles represented here not only teach the basics of the alphabet but they do so with a focus on America and patriotism, thus teaching important skills and valuable information at the same time. Americans and patriotism have been linked together since our founding fathers first landed here and teaching our children the history of that ever important bond is absolutely crucial to its continuity.

Top 3 Patriotic Alphabet Books

america: a patriotic primer America: A Patriotic Primer: When former Second Lady Lynne Cheney teamed up with illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser to write a patriotic alphabet book, expectations were high to say the least. Fantastic art from ink, colored pencil and watercolors is visually entertaining while Cheney’s alphabetical entries give insight into well known historical figures, terms and historic events. Thought it tends to occasionally jump from topic to topic in a less than organized way, the information contained in small tidbits sprinkled liberally throughout the pages do have a lot of useful information that will be ideal for kids who have an inquisitive manner. A stunning and informative title!
a is or abigail A is or Abigail: An Almanac of Amazing American Women: A follow up to America: A Patriotic Primer, this title by Lynne Cheney focuses on some of the most memorable females in the history of America and why their achievements are so note worthy. Special attention is paid to those women who helped to pave the road to equal rights for women. The A to Z alphabet format is a useful method for the introduction of page after page of remarkable women – hundreds in total. From the first woman governor to the first female Supreme Court justice, they are all well represented here in a powerful and memorable way that your kids are sure to love.
a is for america A is for America: Snapshots of the history of the United States along with pop culture and even some brand name dropping and geography each make appearances in this delightful little patriotic ABC book by Devin Scillian and illustrator Pam Carroll. While the verse may at times seem to be a bit strained and dry (the author is a news anchor from Detroit), Carroll’s illustrations give plenty to keep the kids’ eyes busy and their imaginations working overtime. All in all, a solid entry into the genre with tons of entertaining and informative content that is perfect for the intended 4 to 8 age group.

Other Great Patriotic ABC Books

d is for democracy D is for Democracy: Sleeping Bear Press is known for remarkably innovative texts and this is no exception. Author and illustrator team Elissa Grodin and Victor Juhasz combine rhymed couplets about each topic from Amendment to Zeitgeist with inspired illustrations about each even when they are a bit farfetched (such as “X marks the spot / for a meeting one fall / of the very first Congress / in Philadelphia’s Carpenter’s Hall.”) The intended audience is questionable as there are plenty of words that are obviously intended for a much higher reading level than the typical reader of this genre. Still, it is an enjoyable read.
h is for honor H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet: Authored by the son of a military officer, this title takes a reverent and honorable look at the branches of the American Armed Forces and talks about the ideals of honor, sacrifice and the respect that is owed to families of military personnel around the world. Drill sergeants, Green Berets, Army Rangers, Special Forces and Navy SEALS are all discussed and explained, as is the importance of the Army / Navy football game. From the mobile life of a military family to the courage and commitment required of all members, this book covers it all and does so with respect that readers of all ages will understand.

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