G is for One Gzonk!

G is for One Gzonk! is an “Alpha-number-bet” book by Tiny DiTerlooney, as Tony DiTerlizzi refers to himself. The author of the Spiderwick Chronicles brings a fantastical, non-sensical whimsy to the alphabet book category. Making education fun is the secret to successful learning. This children’s book is an homage to two greats of wacky children’s characters—Dr.

Seuss and Edward Lear. Imitating their styles, DiTerlizzi takes

readers on a crazy-wild romp through the letters of the alphabet. All the letters are represented, but the illustrations purposely don’t have anything to do with the letters! Kids will love how zany this book gets. There are all kinds of “creachling” creatures to spark the imaginations of readers young and old. It claims to be for those aged four to eight, but tweens, teens, and adults will all find it very amusing. Imagine – an alphabet book that teaches while being so much fun! It makes learning entertaining and builds lessons around extraordinary circumstances. It’s hard to turn the page because the illustrations are so engaging. Done in the style of 1950s children’s books, DiTerlizzi has created a modern classic. The author himself appears in the illustrations as a nerdy sort of boy who talks to the creachlings. Unlike other ABC books, this book has creachlings that appear and reappear on more than just the pages with their letters. Many ABC books have predictable pages. This one is extremely different. The book, though the outlandish and farsical, does, in fact, give children exposure to letters, numbers, and colors. It’s just more fun to do it DiTerlizzi’s way. After reading this book

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and meeting all the characters, readers will be inspired to go away and let their own imaginations spill out. When you find a book like this one that takes education to a whole other level, grab it and hang onto it. It will no doubt be a winner with children and parents as well. Anything that can interest kids in learning and have fun while doing it is a success story all its own.

G is for One Gzonk!

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