Eric Carle’s ABC

Eric Carle’s ABC book is not just another alphabet book. With the colorful collage type of illustrations he has become known for, Carle has created an alphabet book that is both simple to understand, and pleasant to look at.

With each letter designed in his trademark colorful way, each letter is presented with an animal to represent it. Not only that, but there are flaps to look behind that will offer you a surprise at times. With fun, great visual stimulation, and of course being educational, Eric Carle’S ABC is one book that you and your children may want to read together over and over again.

Children love animals, so what better way to present the alphabet than with an animal for each letter. Not only that, some of the animals are not your typical like most alphabet books would use. In typical Carle fashion, this book offers some surprises that will inspire you and your children to be more creative in your thinking. Children’s books sometimes deliver only the ordinary. Eric Carle’s ABC is an out of the ordinary book for young children that will offer more than the norm for this age group.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, or day care worker, you will want to make this book a part of your collection that is available to your children to pick up and look at on their own, as well as being a read aloud. Eric Carle has come up with another winner with this alphabet book.

eric carle's abc

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