Christian Alphabet Books

With the market for children’s books having become as wide open as it is in the past few years it should come as no surprise that an increasing number of people have begun to seek out titles for kids that could be classified as Christian, in that they follow the beliefs and teachings of the bible. These days there are even Christian alphabet books on the market for those families who want to get a jump start on teaching the valuable lessons of the bible from a very young age! What follows are some of the best offerings in this genre to date.

Top 6 Christian Alphabet Books

my abc bible verses My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts: This touching title by author by Susan Hunt and illustrator Yvette Banek provides a cheerful and vivid way to bring God’s word to the youngest possible audience while teaching them about their ABC’s at the same time. Each letter has an accompanying bible verse and a story to help make the passage easier to understand. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. The familiar verse from the book of Philippians Chapter 4 and verse 13 prominently features the letter I along with a short story that helps to drive the verse home to the intended young audience as well as to their parents..
we’re all in the same boat We’re All in the Same Boat: In what must surely be one of the most innovative ABC books in years, author Zachary Shapiro and illustrator Jack E. Davis joined forces to retell the tale of Noah’s Ark. From impatient iguanas to grumpy giraffes everyone is blaming Noah for the weather until he reminds everyone that “we’re all in the same boat”. Then the tide turns and sees the elephants becoming more enthusiastic while the giraffes make gifts and the kangaroos play kickball. Chock full of two page spreads that are full of lush and brightly colored illustrations make this a must have for grades K through 3..
my spiritual alphabet book My Spiritual Alphabet Book: In this light and lively trip through the alphabet from A to Z, whimsical rhymes and colorful illustrations light the way as four kids are introduced to the world of the spirit. Focusing on enlightening and good hearted interaction with all creatures, this title is sure to help open the door for imagination and discussion among children ages 4 to 8. Written by Holly Bea and illustrated by Kim Howard, this is a unique and remarkable take on alphabet books you may have seen in the past and it is sure to be a family favorite for years to come..
god’s alphabet book God’s Alphabet Book: A more traditional style title with a decidedly straight forward tone, this story by author Brenda Eubanks and her husband, illustrator Tony Eubanks is simultaneously poetic and touching. “A is for Adam, the first person God made” it starts and takes the young readers on a journey through the remaining twenty five letters with beautiful illustrations and applicable bible verses to help encourage the spiritual growth of our youth while they are learning the letters at the same time. The entire layout and design is perfect to take advantage of our children’s natural desire for knowledge and will have them reaching for a bible in no time!.
b is for bethlehem B is for Bethlehem: This ABC book was originally intended to be a performance piece for second graders with its wonderful rhyming alphabet that introduces the reader to all sorts of people, places, events and animals associated with the Christmas season. Illustrator Elisa Kleven really outdid herself on the lush, mixed media collages of watercolor and cut paper while author Isabel Wilner’s poetic verse is just as beautiful to behold. While the rhyme scheme does make it easy for the intended audience to memorize, luckily for us, this title became a picture book that we can all enjoy both by hearing and by seeing it..
abc god loves me ABC God Loves Me: Vivid watercolors bring to life the letters of the alphabet in a variety of patterns and colors along with bears, bunnies and other lovable characters from The Land of Milk and Honey. This board book celebrates childhood while reminding us that our loved ones and God are always there to watch out for us while we take the journey of childhood. A sturdy book that is meant to be read aloud, this is a truly great bedtime reader that will not only enlighten, entertain and educate but it will do so in a spiritual and uplifting way while capturing your children’s imagination all the while..

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