Alphabet Rescue

Audrey Wood is always ready to bring new books full of wacky stories and unique illustration styles to children across the country. With her son Ben Wood, the two create some imaginative tales that can both teach and entertain kids of varying ages. The two have collaborated on several books, many of them that include Charley’s alphabet, a set of alphabet letters not too unlike the magnetic letters that can be found on refrigerators in numerous homes. These letters know canada pharmacy abilify how viagra x to have an adventure, as can be found in Alphabet Rescue.

The lower case letters of the alphabet are all having a good time when disaster strikes! A letter making factory has caught fire, and it seems it is up to the little letters to save the day! Together, the letters manages to get a fire truck, fix it up, and then ride in to the factory where they douse the flames. With their cialis spoof commercial courage, not only do they stop the fire, but they save a whole lot of upper case letters! buy online pharmacy canada It’s an exciting adventure when the little letters get involved, and all the upper case letters are glad that they cialis 20 vs viagra 100 did! Everyone wins in this book, including those reading it.

This children’s book is great for infants and preschooler because it isn’t a typical ABC book. Instead, Audrey Wood creates a story around the actual alphabet, giving the letters things to do and excitement to be had. She weaves in words that work well with particular letters so that kids learning to read or children being read to by parents can get a firmer grasp upon their ABCs – many of them without even knowing it! It is an alphabet book that engages readers instead of simply listing off the letters to kids and associating them with single words. There is a whole story, giving kids a lot of fun and some lessons in the process.

Bruce Wood’s computer graphic-like illustrations will dazzle young eyes with their bright colors and the interesting settings. There is plenty for kids to look at as the story rolls along, and everyone is sure to have a great time.

Alphabet Rescue


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