Alphabet Adventure

Together, Audrey Wood, her husband Don Wood, and their son Bruce have created numerous children’s books that range in subject and style. From watercolors to computer generated images, stories about napping to learning the ABCs, Audrey and Bruce Wood bring all sorts of things to children of varying ages and tastes. But no matter what, their books are popular with children all over, and can be found in many classrooms, libraries, and kids’ rooms, always ready for a good reading session.

Alphabet Adventure is a unique take on learning the alphabet, as well as reading. In this story, the lower case letters of the alphabet have learned how to line up in order as they are supposed to. From a to z, they wind around on a pathway in a unique setting that is sure to dazzle kids’ eyes. Now that the letters have learned their correct places, they are ready to set off to go to school where they can help teach children the alphabet. However, they run into a problem. The little i has lost her dot! The letters all search around for it, but they can’t seem to locate it. So instead, each letter brings something that might be ble to take the places of the dot, such as a cherry from the letter c, a heart from the letter h,

and on until they realize it just won’t work.

Luckily, the dot makes itself known again and the letters can all head off to school where they meet up with the upper case letters of the alphabet.

Alphabet Adventure is definitely a different look at learning the alphabet. The illustrations by Bruce Wood have a powerful computer generated style which makes them very interesting to look at. The letters live in an intriguing tropical-like location and kids can see other letters casually strolling along in the background. Simple text on the bottom coupled with the illustrations give kids the chance to try reading once they’ve learned all the ABCs, making Alphabet Adventure a book with multiple uses and great for infants, preschoolers, and even some older kids.

Alphabet Adventure

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