A Is for Art

A Is for Art: An Abstract Alphabet.  Stephen T. Johnson doesn’t bring children the typical alphabet book.  Instead of using apes and apples, he uses art.  An eye-opening method, abstract art is used for each letter of the alphabet, from collage to swathes of color.  Pictures are large to create a powerful impact and underneath each is the letter of the alphabet in its uppercase and lowercase form.  The illustration is provided with a corresponding title (“Arrangement No.1”) and a paragraph describing the picture.  What’s more, almost every word in the paragraph begins with the letter represented.  Children’s books have never been more artsy.

A Is for Art keeps the occasional hidden letters within the pictures, making a bit of a hide and seek game for children looking to do more than gaze at the stunning color of wide brushstrokes or learn letters through snappy paragraphs and alliteration.  It almost becomes the grown-up version of I-Spy.  Johnson keeps the connections throughout the book, even with challenges like the letter X.  A Is for Art is as amazing to look at for adults as it is for children.  Recently published in September of 2008, critics have already smiled upon this meshing of art and English.

Stephen T. Johnson is a true master of art, with his works in various collections and created several other books for children.  The colors and creations will stimulate a child’s imagination and perhaps a little creativity.  Recommended for children of ages 5-9, it’s a book that should be kept on the shelf as every year your child’s knowledge grows, so too will their full grasp of this book.

a is for art

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