Children’s Books About Adoption

Teaching children about adoption can be tricky, but these beautifully illustrated, simple and heartwarming stories can help them understand how special adopted children are. Whether intended for a child who’s been adopted, or to help a child understand their adopted friends and family members, these books will help children realize the unique situations that adoption brings about.

Top 5 Picture Books About Adoption

tell me again about the night i was born Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born: Written by actress Jamie Lee Curtis, this heartwarming book rings sincere from the first page to the last. It uses a clever combination of wit and candor to tell the tale of an adoption. With matter-of-fact language, and love and reassurance, she writes a beautiful story about adoption. The illustrations are at times whimsical and at others amusing, and include many subtle details such as a jar of diaper cream with the label “Tub o’ Lard.” There aren’t many children’s books about adoption that are written and illustrated in a warmer, and more celebratory manner.
and tango makes three And Tango Makes Three: Based on a real story of a family of penguins who lived in New York City’s Center Park Zoo, this book is a wonderful choice for penguin and animal lovers. The story is based on Roy and Silo, two male penguins who are different from the others. They cuddle, share a nest, and live as other penguin couples do. When they see the penguin couples hatching eggs, they realize that they want to be parents too. Their devotion leads to them finding an egg-shaped rock and caring for it as though it were their own egg. A surprise twist makes this a truly compelling story.
little miss spider Little Miss Spider: This is actually a prequel to the much beloved Miss Spider books, but whether you’ve read the others or not, this book stands on its own. It all begins when Miss Spider begins to wonder how her life began. She remembers popping out of her egg, but where was her mother? As she cries and wonders, a passing beetle stops to offer her a special kind of help. The search goes on, but when Miss Spider finds herself in real danger, she finds out who really loves her the most. This is a story that focuses on the importance of love regardless of blood relation.
i wished for you: an adoption story I Wished for You: An Adoption Story: Many parents of adopted children dread the day their children will ask not where babies come from, but why their birth parents didn’t keep them. This heartwarming and honest book helps make that question a little less scary. The answer to that question (and more) are provided in a simple, straightforward and eloquent manner. While it does celebrate the many beautiful things about adoption, the focus is more on the love for the child and her mother. The unique, flowing and gorgeous illustrations help to make this one of the most touching and beautiful children’s books about adoption.
a mother for choco A Mother for Choco: If you’re searching for a happy ending, then this book about the search for a loving parent is an excellent choice. The tone is cheerful, hopeful and energetic, and the illustrations are simple, yet utterly charming. It is the story of a little yellow bird with a chubby face and striped feet, who thinks that the most important factor in finding a family is how much they look like her. After asking a number of animals to be her mother, she’s rejected time and time again. Finally, she finds a mother in the most unexpected place, and she realizes she was wrong all along.

Children’s Adoption Books: Honorable Mentions

over the moon: an adoption tale Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale: With a focus on international adoption, this book is based on the author’s own experience. The text of this book reiterates how important love is, and how deep the bond is between a parent and their child – even when the child is found through adoption. The story begins with the story of the adoption, and moves through the process of bringing the baby home. It is honest about the nervousness that parents go through, and special care is made to ensure the child knows just how special they were to be adopted. This is a great beginning to a conversation about adoption.
god found us you God Found Us You: A second collaboration from the pair that wrote God Gave Us You, this book is written with both adopted children and adoptive parents in mind. The story follows the bedtime ritual of Mama Fox and Little Fox. Little Fox asks his mama to tell him about the day he came home. Mama Fox tells what is clearly an often told tale about how they came to be together. The illustrations show affectionate, cuddly foxes, but the pain that can sometimes come with adoption is shown as well. The colors are mostly pastel – light, sweet, and breezy. This is a book with broad appeal.
rosie’s family Rosie’s Family: Rosie is an adorable little beagle, who loves her adopted family. But no matter how much she loves them, she can’t help but feel different from the schnauzers who brought her home. These feelings of not-belonging lead to many questions, which her schnauzer parents patiently answer in a straightforward manner. This book serves as an excellent resource for kids who have questions but don’t yet know how to express them, or as a starting point to a conversation about the unique challenges that come up as a result of an adoption. The artwork is clever, cute and full of waggling tails.
sweet moon baby: an adoption tale Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale: The prose in this book is truly poetic, and it brings to light many of the most unique aspects of an adoption. The story revolves around a baby’s journey from China all the way to the United States. It portrays the baby’s birth parents as kind, sensitive, and making a sacrifice for better good of their baby, while the adoptive parents are open, loving, and wishing for a baby to love. The baby is protected by a number of animals on her journey, including a beautiful peacock and a cheeky monkey. This is a beautiful love story that reads as a fairy tale.
my adopted child, there’s no one like you My Adopted Child, There’s No One Like You: Many books about adoption look to show an adopted child that they’re really not so different from other children. This book shows adopted children that they deserve to be recognized for what makes them unique. Written by Dr. Kevin Leman, this book embraces the uniqueness off adoption, and helps to give the child a healthy boost of self-esteem and encourages self-discovery. The artwork is done by the author’s son, and is beautiful and quite impressive. While the subject matter of this book is serious, the author manages to insert plenty of witty humor that kids and adults will love.
we belong together: a book about adoption and families We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families: One of the best books for younger readers, this is an incredibly accessible book that really explores how people choose to come together to make a family. It details the many ways that families are created, from being born to one another, to choosing to be with one another. The book teaches that family is about sharing your home and your heart, and that you can create the family you want. This is a great pick for younger children who don’t understand why their family is different from their friends, or how their own family unit is special.
the day we met you The Day We Met You: Many adopted children love to hear the story of their adoption over and over again, and this is the book for them. It describes parents who are so excited about bringing their new bundle home! They shop for the perfect furniture, clothes and accessories. They read every book they can to find out how to take care of their little one. It discusses the first time they held their child, the first time they brought them home, and many other milestones. This is a great book to make an adopted child feel special, wanted, and loved by his or her adoptive parents.

Children’s books about adoption can serve a number of purposes, from making a child feel that though their family may be different from most families, there are plenty just like them, to opening up the dialogue to an honest discussion of adoption. This list offers a wide range of adoption stories, each with their own unique take on this complex subject.

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