From Head to Toes Big Book

Beloved story teller Eric Carle brings a different kind of offering to the children’s books arena with From Head to Toes Big Book. Not your ordinary children’s story, but something that will be enjoyed by you and your children as you read it and do what it says together. Colorful, imaginative, and action-oriented describe this book.

With the fun activities it suggests, your children will enjoy moving as a variety of animals move. Whether it’s to walk like an elephant and move their trunk, or to wiggle like a worm across the floor, or maybe even jump around like a monkey, you and your children will have a blast as you see how many different ways you can move, just like the animals in the book do. From Head to Toe Big Book may not be your average story book, as a matter of fact- there is no story in it. But it is one of the most worthwhile books to have when you want to encourage your kids to be active.

Perfect for a rainy afternoon activity and wonderful for a children’s party or even in a daycare setting, this book will get anywhere from one child, to a group of children moving and having fun. Trying to outdo each other, making animal noises while pretending to be the animal, will be the game of the day. From Head to Toe Big Book is sure to become a family favorite when you share it with your kids, and maybe even their friends.

from head to toe

from head to toe big book

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